Anup Sekhar

I lived in Kerala.

I studied Computer Science in Arizona.

I now live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I am an avid hiker and backpacker and used to run a hiking club.

I have traveled to 87 countries and want to keep on going.

I have a weakness for islands and ocean views.

I love reading and maintain a huge book collection.

I used to own a lot of CDs but these days it's all streaming and vinyl.

I like driving and taking long road trips with my wife.

I really enjoy cooking especially Kerala food.

I am into good whiskey, wine, and craft cocktails.

I work at Oracle Corporation as an Engineering Director.

I tweet once in a while. Mostly work-related.

I need to work on improving my photography page.

I have a Facebook presence but it's restricted to real friends.

I Instagram occasionally about my travels.

I have a Flickr photostream that hasn't been updated in years.

I am on LinkedIn if you are interested in my career.